Terrorism and Human Rights

 by Conor Gearty *Originally published in the journal, “Government and Opposition” Volume 42, No. 3 Summer 2007, p.340-362 (Download pdf) […]

Uighurs in Guantanamo Bay Prison: Innocents or Terrorists?

by Janet Munro-Nelson Posted: January 2010 Updated 18 July 2011 (Download pdf) The group of 22 Uighurs imprisoned in the […]

The Legal Entitlement of a Future Palestinian State to Territory

 Editor’s Note: The following is an Abstract of “The Israel-Palestine Conflict in International Law: Territorial Issues” written by the authors […]

Terrorism & Morality

 Understanding the Language of Terrorism* by Conor Gearty *From, Essays on Human Rights and Terrorism: Comparative Approaches to Civil Liberties […]

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