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The Use Of Rape In Armed Conflicts

(Download as pdf) As with other armed conflicts including those of the former Yugoslavia, Dafar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and now Libya, rape is used as a weapon against civilians—especially women and children– by armed groups.  Margot Wallstrom, U.N. Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, in addressing the U.N. Human Rights Council on […]

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Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa

By Paul Collier Posted November 2009 (Download pdf) Why has Africa had so much civil war? In all other regions of the world the incidence of civil war has been on a broadly declining trend over the past thirty years: but in Africa the long term trend has been upwards. Of course, every civil war […]

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Child “Soldiers” and Civilians—Some Controversial Issues

Jenny Kuper* (Download pdf) There is a common misperception that the issue of children in armed conflict is a simple one, i.e.: that children should not be involved in armed conflict as “soldiers” or civilians, ever. In an ideal world that would certainly be the case. Indeed, in such a world no-one would be involved […]

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Two Sides to Every Story: Congo & the Rwandan Genocide

by Katherine Iliopoulos Posted 30 September 2010 Crimes of War Project (Download pdf) Narratives on the 1990s in Rwanda focus invariably on the country’s darkest hour: the genocide perpetrated by the Hutu against the Tutsi. It seems to many as if the story began shortly before April, 6, 1994, when the incumbent President’s plane was […]

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Maritime Piracy and International Law

By Professor Donald R. Rothwell Posted October 2009 (Download pdf) 2008 saw an unprecedented upsurge in piracy at sea resulting in significant international efforts to suppress pirate attacks. The scale and frequency of the pirate incidents throughout the past year combined to create contemporary challenges for international shipping which have probably not experienced such significant […]

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