Welcome to THE BEACON.

This website was launched over two years ago with the aim of presenting articles on international topics that were topical and interesting but also factual and reliable in their content. THE BEACON is intended to be a valuable asset to anyone seeking a balanced view of on international issues, recent international events and international institutions. Several years on in time, these aims and intentions remain true to THE BEACON’s purpose.

What has slightly changed since the launch of THE BEACON is the intended content. It was originally envisioned that this site would cover a multitude of international subjects including the environment and international finance. Due to informative and thorough coverage elsewhere, these subjects are not covered here. At the same time, the diversity of articles found on THE BEACON is large. The majority of articles appearing on this website are written by experts in their field of work. The subjects currently found on THE BEACON include child soldiers, the role of community-based Afghan tribes in forging a peace in Afghanistan, abolishing the use of certain cluster munitions, piracy on the high seas, the illegal use of torture and other abuses under President George W. Bush, conflicts surrounding Africa’s natural resources, Israeli conflicts with Palestine and with Lebanon, plus viewing terrorism through the human rights lens. Future articles will be on the use of sexual violence in armed conflicts, changes to U.S. military trials, reviewing the Charter of the United Nations along with any other relevant and timely topics.

It is noted that several articles found on THE BEACON were written more than three years ago. They continue on the current ARTICLE list because their content remains relevant today. We continue to expand the BOOKS section and the VIDEOS section. A new tab, ART, appears for the first time as an added facet of international issues. Please send us any recommendations you may have for any of these three sections. The extensive LINKS section is checked regularly to ensure each link is working although a 100% success rate can be elusive.

Finally, we very much hope that you continue to visit THE BEACON for reliable information and recommendations. We are here solely to present information and clarify issues for everyone who has the curiosity and desire to learn more about the world.