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Terrorism and Human Rights

by Conor Gearty *Originally published in the journal, “Government and Opposition” Volume 42, No. 3 Summer 2007, p.340-362 (Download pdf) THE PURPOSE OF THIS ESSAY IS TO CONSIDER THE IMPACT ON HUMAN rights of the recent rise in the importance attached to, and the perceived danger arising from, violent acts of terrorism. By ‘human rights’ […]

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The ‘War on Terror’: Do the Rules Need Changing?

by Professor Charles Garraway Chatham House September 2006 Posted: THE BEACON – April 2009 (Download pdf) INTRODUCTION The National Defense Strategy of the United States opens with the sentence ‘America is a nation at war’.  It goes on to say that: ‘Today’s war is against terrorist extremist networks including their state and non-state supporters.’ This […]

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