Cycon 2012 — Tallinn Manual – Part I
Professor Dr. Michael Schmitt

Cycon 2012 — Tallinn Manual – Part II
Professor Dr. Michael Schmitt”

Ethics/Targeted Killing of Individuals
Ms Nadine Strossen & Prof. Michael Schmitt

Inside story – Cluster Munitions (part one)
Inside story – Cluster Munitions (part two)
Treatment of Prisoners – Human Rights First
Primetime Torture
ACLU video – Tortured Logic
Physicians for Human Rights’ “Campaign Against Torture”
Distributed September 2007
“West Bank: Life on the Margins for the E’beed”
Lost in Dafur, Mariam’s Story
Colonel Kemp’s Testimony on the Goldstone Report –
October 2009 (on Israel & Hamas)
Paul Collier – 4 Ways to Improve the Lives of the Lower Billion People
Paul Collier – New Rules for a Broken Nation – Post-Conflict Recovery